Baptism Preparation

Welcome Parents!

We are very pleased that you have chosen to welcome your child into our shared faith at Bellarmine! If you have not filled out our request for Baptism, it contains the list of dates that are currently available.

Baptism during Mass allows your child to be fully introduced and welcomed into the parish. The first anointing takes place in the small chapel before Mass with your family, and then you process into Mass, where there is seating for all your guests. The rest of the rite takes place in the Narthex and follows with a sprinkling rite throughout the church. We like to have the Godparents bring up the offertory. 

If the dates for Baptism during Mass don’t work there are opportunities for a private Baptism in the Narthex. We do some of these in between the Sunday Masses at 10:15 a.m. or 12:45 p.m. or Saturday mornings around 10:00 a.m.

For first time parents, our initial preparation is completed remotely. We then ask that you attend our Zoom class before the child’s Baptism to complete the preparation. Documents for review independently can be found below. Please take time to review each and reflect together prior to our group class. Each lesson should take about about 30 minutes.

Here are resources included in this class:

  • Lesson 1 – Naming a Child of God
  • Lesson 2 – The Grace of Freedom and Community of Faith
  • Lesson 3 – Water and the Spirit
  • Lesson 4 – Sealed to be More Like Christ
  • Lesson 5 – Clothed in Grace and Power
  • Lesson 6 – Living in the Light of Christ
  • Zoom Class Notes

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